Upcoming Missio Dei Projects: Eucharistic Revival and the Lectio Divina Journal


Phillip Hadden discusses some of the upcoming Missio Dei projects including the Eucharistic Revival Project and the Lectio Divina Journal. Please look out for ways to support our Mission! Phillip explains some of the quotes from Remptoris Missio that he didn’t get to mention on the Pentecost and Mission podcast. http://www.missiodeicatholic.org Support us by getting some Missio Dei swag https://pilgrim-of-christ-designs.cre… Follow us on twitter @missiodei451

O Come Holy Spirit! Pentecost and Mission


Today we celebrate the feast of Pentecost! The latest episode Phillip, Melissa, and Jonathon discuss the importance of Missio Dei’s mission of proclaiming the gospel following the early narrative account of Acts. We discuss problems occurring in modern theology after Vatican II with taking a more passive role in evangelization. Phillip examines how the biblical response is an active engagement with the world with Melissa discussing how her new book fills the role of witness engaging a modern culture experiencing suffering. 

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Missio Dei, A New Substack Newsletter for You!

Greetings everyone!

Pilgrims of Christ has more or less migrated to a new Substack newsletter, which relies on email subscription for viewership. I’d like to invite you to subscribe to our Substack publication Missio Dei—a publication dedicated to proclaiming the Mission of God to the world. I started this independent publication with my classmate from Holy Apostles College and Seminary Jonathon Fessenden, a grad-student M.Th.-Apologetics. We are full of joy that the Holy Spirit is working in our lives encouraging us to proclaim the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ, who died for our sins and through His resurrection raises us to new life. Missio Dei is a more tailored and precise model of subsidiarity by reaching out to those in our own circles of family, friends, and local parishes to promote our publication. We hope with your help we can begin to reach out in mission to those who have been isolated around our parish communities as a source for clarity of the Catholic faith. Please share with others our publication, God Bless! Please visit our website https://missiodei.substack.com/ and subscribe via email or follow us on Twitter @missiodei451