Pilgrims of Christ (Re)launch

Dear Readers,

You may have noticed that Communio disappeared, or maybe not, but I have been working to update posts on my personal blog in hopes of localizing it for parish level outreach. I am currently doing Exodus 90, and since I am setting up this site for both catechesis and works of mercy, I have deemed it necessary usage of the internet in this regard for this particular post.  The website has been rebranded with the name of my Exodus 90 Fraternity name “Pilgrims of Christ.” I’ve always been attracted to the idea of every person being a pilgrim aiding others along the pilgrimage of our earthly lives toward the Kingdom of God.

Some items of note, my book The Birth of God in History: An Examination of the Infancy Narratives of Jesus Christ has been made available for free via PDF under the Christ’s Nativity tab. My parish discussion notes on the Theology of St. Augustine have also been made available in a PDF format under the Augustine tab. I will also make available my short edited PDF guide for Confirmation too.

In the coming months, I hope to write a rule for life for the laity based on the charisms of orthodoxy and charity, the rule of St. Benedict, and St. Augustine. I also hope to complete a small devotional book on the Rosary that I have been writing during the Exodus 90 experience with a tentative date on release for Ascension (it may get pushed back). I also hope to start making small catechesis videos following the Baltimore Catechism in lieu of the Pandemic and the closing parish children catechesis programs.  And if all of this starts to fall in place I hope to create a patreon page for those to support Pilgrims of Christ with giving small gifts: Rosary Book, rosaries, and T-Shirts.

God Bless.